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Compassion & Understanding in your time of need When Life's journey comes to an end.

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Welcome to Special and Precious Memories!

Special and Precious Memories Understand that the death of a loved one, whether sudden or expected, is always a difficult time.

If you have recently lost someone then please accept our condolences to you and your family at this time of loss as there are so many things that will be going through your mind and choices that have to be made.

What better tribute can you give your loved one than a specially prepared civil funeral full of all the memories that you want to share at this time.

There is no set way to have a civil funeral, the choice is entirely yours.  Special requests are also up to you, all you have to do is discuss them with me during my visit or with the Funeral Director and we can see if this can be accommodated for you.

Independent Civil Celebrants are not tied to performing the ceremonies of religious or humanist beliefs.

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"Personal to you"

As family members grieve they will need encouragement to express their own views and ideas. They need to feel part of the service and I see my role as being the  person who ensures that everyone's needs and feelings are taken care of.

Together we will be able to prepare a beautiful and meaningful funeral service for your loved one whom you have recently lost.


Funerals have been changing worldwide for over forty years and now families want to have a more personal service and feel they are part of their loved ones final part of their journey.

The use of music and poetry is more common than Hymns and prayers. But the choice is yours. Families may have a faith or belief but don't attend church can often pick a mixture of  religious and non religious material.

The choice is yours!