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Choose the Funeral Service that you want.

The Funeral service for a loved one comes at a time when our emotions are all over the place. The difficult part is deciding what type of service you and your family would like to have for the loved one who has passed away.

Perhaps the decisions have been made already?

If you have a Pre Paid Funeral plan in place then some of the decisions will have already been decided by the family. If this is not the case then we can assist with your choices from this point.

The first choice is usually who will the Funeral Director be?

We can assist with this and help you with the instruction of a Funeral Director.

Is it a Burial or Cremation?

The funeral Director will be able to assist you with your choice, especially if you currently have a family plot for Burial.

The Type of Service required?

Funerals have been changing worldwide for over forty years and now families want to have a more personal service and feel they are part of their loved ones final part of their journey.

As there is no set way to have a civil funeral, the choice is entirely yours.  Special requests are also up to you, all you have to do is discuss them with person conducting the service during their visit or with the Funeral Director and they will see if this can be accommodated for you.

Who will conduct the service?