Special & Precious Memories

Compassion & Understanding in your time of need When Life's journey comes to an end.



 I am sure what is Special & Precious to you is your family,  no matter how hard we try we cannot discuss our final destination with those closest to us. Death isn't a subject that comes up very often in our conversations unless we are experiencing a bereavement at the time.

From personal experience I know that when you assume that your loved one wants a particular funeral, you are usually way off the mark.

Why not sit down yourself with a blank sheet of paper and write down what you would want for your own funeral. It could be the music required if any, whether you want a Hymn, poem or readings, local minister or Civil Celebrant to conduct the service, the choice is yours. By doing this, it can actually help decide a few things and confirm to your loved ones whether you want buried or cremated.

Taking the stress away can always help loved ones should you be taken away from them suddenly. Perhaps discuss it with the whole family and that way they can all make their wishes  known too.

An idea that can help every one you love especially at the time of any loss as you will know what wishes your loved one wanted.